And so it begins…


I’ve dabbled with writing a blog for awhile now. I’ve followed several family-update-type blogs, and I always enjoy finding out the latest of my friends and acquaintances, especially when it comes to adoption, missions, photography, and parenting. And recently, I’ve discovered many incredible blogs about play-based learning, homeschooling, crafting, parenting, and teaching. As an educator, program director, and new parent, I found myself drawn to all these wonderful ideas and philosophies (and Pinterest only added to my generation of ideas!). Still, when it comes to writing my own blog, I had two main concerns:

  • Who would read it?
  • What would I say?

As far as who would read it, I’m not too concerned anymore. I love to write and reflect (I have about 5 different types of journals that I update regularly). So, ultimately, I’m writing for myself — for my own processing and memory-preserving. I’m also writing for people like my mom who know me and who might be interested in my day-to-day affairs. And, eventually perhaps other mom/teacher/program director/artist people out there might see an idea I’ve tried that they’d like to try as well.

And when it comes to what I’d say, I’m not worried about that, either. One of the first things WordPress told me to was to focus my blog. All of my journals are so focused (prayer journal, poetry notebook, record of daily activities at work, art journal, ongoing letter to my son, gratitude journal, …) that I’d like this outlet to be non-compartmentalized. I might become more focused as time goes on as I realize what I most like to blog about. But for now, my posts could be about any of the following:

  • things I’ve tried with my afterschool program kids that worked well (or totally bombed)
  • crafty things I’ve done
  • entries from my art journal
  • poems I’ve written that I’d actually like to share
  • insights I’m gaining about marriage and family life
  • inspirations from other wonderful blogs out there
  • recipes I’ve tried
  • my journey of transformation as a beloved daughter of the Most High God
  • the growth and development of my son (and other future children!)
  • (perhaps!) our potential journey into adoption and/or foster care
  • and other random eclectic mishmash 🙂

Come along for the ride as we share the adventure together!


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