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Inspiration Deck Swap!


So, lately, I’ve been into art. I’ll reflect more sometime on my history with art, but for now, I’ll just say that I’m “into art” these days, meaning:

  • I’m creating almost every day (even if it’s as simple as writing the schedule on the board in a funky way for my after school program)
  • I’m learning about art by reading books and blogs.
  • I’m being inspired to create more and more art!

So, the other day when I was “surfing the web” (does anybody actually use that term anymore? Ha!), I came across a blog detailing a mail swap ( In short, participants re-purpose a deck of cards into their own mini artwork complete with some kind of inspirational quote on it. Then, the organizer will create an inspiration deck for each of the participants with 52 others’ artwork! SO cool! I finished my deck a couple weeks ago, and I was a little sad to have to let go of some of the cards, so I took pictures. I might have to do a deck for myself to keep, and I’d also like to find another mail swap that I can join. I’ve loved the process, and I haven’t even received my deck in the mail yet!

Here were some of the cards I made:

Hooray for inspiration!


4 months!


I feel like I have a million ideas of things to blog about, but I never end up sitting down to actually write the posts. I’ve given up trying to blog several times a week, and I figure if nothing else, I can keep a record of Carter’s growth.

Happy 4 month birthday, Carter!

When I talk to my friend Pam, she asks, “What cute thing is Carter doing now?”  I almost always have something new to report. So, here’s an update on Carter as a 4 month old:

  • His laughs, which used to always end in crying, now stand alone as pure laughter!
  • He has successfully found a way to pee through any type of diaper we put him in. This is frustrating because our cloth diapers were working so well, and now all of a sudden, he leaks through both types of cloth diapers we have AND through our stash of disposables. I’m not quite sure yet what the problem is, so I don’t know how to fix it.
  • He is less content in his bouncy seat and swing.
  • He loves to be held (nothing new there!). It’s hard to get anything done, but our baby carriers have come in handy!
  • He’s had his first trip to the library, seen his first train whiz by, touched snow for the first time, and completed his first community service project!
  • He’s constantly making bubbles, but he rarely spits up (thank you, Jesus!).
  • He’s more tolerable of tummy time. It helps when we get down on his level.
  • He smiles A LOT! Yay! We love this and will do anything for a smile!
  • His eating and sleeping habits have been inconsistent lately. We had been giving him 6 ounce bottles at every feeding, but now he doesn’t regularly finish those, so we start with 4 ounces.
  • He just discovered his feet! He can’t quite get them in his mouth yet, but he still grabs onto them. And he shoves his whole fist or several fingers into his mouth.
  • He’s been making this noise that we refer to as “the grandpa moan”. It’s hilarious! I hope we can catch it on video.
  • He got to move up to the “bigger babies” room in KidsQuest Junior (our church’s children’s ministry). It’s weird that he’s not the littlest one anymore. So long, 0-3 month room!