After a long hiatus…


So, the other day I thought that it might be good to do a blog on some of the fun that we’ve been up to this summer. I remember I had secured the handle “Share the Adventure” on WordPress, but I had totally forgotten that I had written 7 posts! Wow! It was a complete surprise (I thought I had written maybe one or two), and I LOVED reading about baby Carter (seems so long ago) especially since baby Calvin is about the age Carter was in my posts. I had been having a hard time remembering what Carter was like when he was this little, so it was fun to reminisce and to compare my two boys.  For instance, they both like shoving their whole fists in their mouths. 🙂

So many things are different from my posts two years ago!

  • (as I mentioned above), we added a new baby in February
  • Carter has learned to crawl, walk, and now talk
  • I’m two jobs removed from my Boys and Girls Club job (now teaching music and technology)
  • I (barely) survived my first year of teaching
  • We bought our first home and love it!
  • I have even less time to paint and create, but I’m still finding time to be crafty!
  • I’m in a different life group.
  • and on and on

Right now, I’m sitting on our couch on a quiet (for now) morning on a rare sleep-in day for the 3 fellas in the house (it’s 8:24 a.m.). I am SO not a morning person, but I’ve found that my days go so much better when I wake up and get myself centered before everyone else wakes up.  So, after I fed Calvin at 6:30, I stayed up (because that’s so much better than waking up to an alarm — I’m an expert at hitting the snooze button).  When I am still drowsy, I get on the computer so that I won’t fall back asleep.  This morning, I got an e-mail about the specials schedule for my school this year which was very different than I had expected, so I’ve been looking that over and e-mailing my principal, and here I am, still on the computer.  This is my one time on the computer today (otherwise I’ll get sucked into Facebook and Pinterest, especially on Lucas’ phone. No smart phone for me — I’d be too addicted!). I say this as if it’s some well-established routine; I’m maybe on Day 4 of this plan. Anyway, since this blog is mostly for me, I can write whatever! And as I was reading old posts, I enjoyed the little day-to-day details that at the time, didn’t seem very interesting.

On the docket today:

-hopefully making an early, quick run to Wal-Mart this morning

-Ethan and Melissa Tibbs are coming over for a play date!

-We’re heading to Evans Orchard for Evan (Bruckman)’s birthday (hence the quick trip to Wal-Mart for a gift!)

-maybe a shower if I’m lucky (good thing I’ve never been much into showering)

-working on my cleaning/organizing projects — our bedroom, the laundry room

-celebrating Lucas’ completion of another issue of his magazine (oh, that’s another new development since two years ago)


I’m surprised that the boys are still sleeping. Lucas was up really late working. Calvin cluster feeds at night and sleeps more during the day. Carter was up late at a swim party for our school (it’s fun to say “our” school — he’s in the 2-year-old program at my school this year).

I guess I’ll end this for now. I really do plan on posting on this more often, but I know many people have said that before (sigh – I’m one of them).


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